Join a group or form your own group of BFF’s. The programs are designed to teach you the work and to allow the work to get into your body. The studio, creates a space of unity. The groups progress together and where form and function is the essence and understanding is the key. Your instructors are master trainers, ballet dancers, Pilates instructors and dancers and trainers. These highly trained instructors have the capabilities to deliver, disciplined mind and body, sensible approach to the work. The studio’s intention is to deliver thoughtful programs, serious instruction based on learning, in an atmosphere of a dancers studio.

Enjoy your journey!
– Marci

Reserve your spot in class by emailing us or calling us at 416 545 1414.

cardioSALSA / Candle Light Stretch – STARTING NOW!

Instructor: Gorete Almeida
Tues. 7pm – 7:45pm, Salsa Cardio
Tues. 7:45pm – 8:30pm, Candle Light Stretch
Pkg 2 classes $25.00 x 8 weeks  $200.00
series of 10 (based on single class)  $17.00
single/drop in pkg classes $28.00
single/drop in $20.00


The cardioSALSA, workout weaves various Salsa elements into beautiful, easy to follow choreography. The approach and breakdown to this class is such that you will be dancing Salsa, within minutes! The steps taught and the music used are authentically Salsa, but do not require a partner to enjoy. This class has been designed to provide participants of any age, with an exciting and fun workout experience – fun, sexy, freeing!

Candlelight Stretch

Time for self care; stretch, relax and unwind. Gorete will take you through a revitalizing experience that combines deep stretching, lengthening movement, soothing music and meditation. Release your stress, rejuvenate and strengthen your body and soul.

Gorete AlmeidaGorete Almeida

Gorete is an award-winning salsa dancer, international fitness presenter, wellness consultant and accomplished instructor with over 25 years of experience. Dance and the performing arts have been part of her life since early childhood. Best known for her salsa, Latin and dance choreography her background includes competitive cheerleading, ice dancing and hip-hop. Gorete’s talents extend far beyond dancing with a B.Sc. in Kinesiology and an M.Sc. in Ergonomics.

Kids Hop to Pop Class

8 week Program
3-5 years of age, $17.00 x 8 weeks = $136.00
max 8 kids

Intro  to Latin Dance/Fitness

8 weeks, $25.00 x 8 weeks = $200.00
10 people max

Intro to TRX Suspension System

8 weeks, $25.00 x 8 = $200.00
6 people max

Intro to Spinning

4 weeks, $25.00 x 4 weeks = $100.00
max 10 people

Fabulous Fletcher 4
Fletcher mat, Fletcher Floor Work, Fletcher Towelwork, Fletcher Barre

8 weeks, $30.00 x 8 weeks = $240.00
8 people max

Intro to Gravity

8 weeks, $30.00 x 8 weeks = $240.00
4 people max

Intro to Ballroom/Latin

8 week Program, $30.00 per couple
Singles welcome $15.00 per person
10 people max

Intro to Yoga

8 weeks, $30.00 x 8 weeks = $240.00
8 people max

Note Specialty Programs will be offered
Monday – Friday 10:20-11:20 am
Monday- Thursday 7:00pm-8:30pm
For those forming their own groups, please let front desk know what days and times are good for you and your group

For more information about our Specialty Programs please call us at 416-545-1414 or e-mail us at [email protected].